Writing, 2008-13

The world beyond air-conditioning (scroll down for A/C articles)

Let’s Not Learn to Love Disaster
Al Jazeera, Jan. 31, 2013

Sandy and the Trees
New York Times, Dec. 11, 2012

The Vertical Farming Scam
CounterPunch, Dec. 11, 2012

There’s a Ration Card in Your Future
Al Jazeera, Dec. 1, 2012

How About a Green Recession?

A three-part series for Al Jazeera English on food security:

Iraq’s Sagging Safety Net

The Politics of Bread in Egypt

Will India Remain Hungry?

Death ships (pdf): CounterPunch, Hartford Courant

Sweatshops at sea: Alternet

You can’t buy a better agriculture: Al Jazeera

Soil is a non-renewable resource: Al Jazeera

Ten pots of water in thirty minutes – in Mumbai: AlterNet

“I’ll see your snowstorm and raise you two heat waves”: The odds on odd weather
Dec. 3, 2010: AlterNet

Is gas really “twice as clean as coal”?
Nov. 11: AlterNet

Vertical farms don’t stack up
May 2010: Synthesis/Regeneration, AlterNet

Crop Domestication and the First Plant Breeders (pdf)
Chapter 1 in Plant Breeding and Farmer Participation (FAO, 2009)

Climate-induced earthquakes, bottomless pits of oil, pet dinosaurs, and a miraculous but illegal energy source: There’s never a shortage of weird science!
April 20, 2010:  AlterNet

Counting Food Miles Leads to Wrong Turns
February 2010: AlterNet

The Inflated Promise of Natural Gas
November 2009: Cleveland
Plain Dealer, Bakersfield Californian, CounterPunch, AlterNet, Common Dreams

Squeezing the Juice Out of Fruits, Berries, and People
24 August, 2009: AlterNet
or, from ColdType.net, the print version

Ethanol’s Drug Problem
June 2009: Providence Journal, Muskogee (OK) Phoenix, Grand Forks (ND) Herald, Keene (NH) Sentinel, Salina Journal, CounterPunch

There’s No Free Lunch on That Browser Menu
March 2009: Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald, CounterPunch, AlterNet

India’s Fragile New Temples
February 4, 2009: CounterPunch

The Full Price of Florida Swampland
January 15, 2009: AlterNet

Saving 7 Billion Environments
November 12, 2008: MRZine

Who Wants the Germ Jackpot?
September, 2008: Denver Post, CounterPunch, Common Dreams

Boatloads of Trouble
September 5, 2008: AlterNet, Metroland (Albany, NY)

Handcuff the Property Cops
August, 2008: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Baltimore Sun, Kansas City Star, Des Moines Register, Hartford Courant, Biloxi Sun-Herald

Here comes the Post-SUV World!
July 10, 2008: AlterNet, Pacific Sun (Calif.), Energy Bulletin, ColdType
and the op-ed version: July 27, 2008: Hartford Courant

On our air-conditioned world:

Should air-conditioning be rationed? New York Times

D.C. without A.C.: Washington Post

Global Cooling in The Guardian

A/C’s not as cool as you think: Los Angeles Times

Ready to give up A/C?: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Why folks get hot under the collar over A/C: CounterPunch

How Air-Conditioning Is Sapping Our Society: Hartford Courant

In Making Our Own Weather, Have We Remade Ourselves: Powell’s Books

Militarism, torture, and . . . air-conditioning?
Earth Day 2010: CounterPunch

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