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Enjoy the Cold While You Can, America!

In A/C news on April 19, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Back to this blog after winter hibernation, I see that the continuing chilly spring should bring no comfort to those of us who work outdoors in the summer.  The map below is from the National Weather Center’s Climate Prediction Center, on the coming summer’s projected temperatures. Areas in blue will be below normal – oh, I guess you don’t need to know that! – while increasingly red areas will be increasingly above normal. This has become routine in recent years of course, but this projection paints everything red but the West Coast and part of the northern tier of states.


The worst of energy worlds: The record cold and storminess over the past few months – a result of fossil-fueled Arctic sea ice loss – forced us to burn more fuel for heating, and now fossil-fueled summer heat will keep air-conditioners running, most likely, at record levels. And removing a unit of heat from your house costs much more in terms of climate disruption than does adding the same unit of heat.