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Beyond air-conditioning

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Some of what I’ve been writing. See the whole list at LosingOurCool.com

Death ships (pdf): CounterPunch

Sweatshops at sea: Alternet

Ten pots of water in thirty minutes – in Mumbai: AlterNet

“I’ll see your snowstorm and raise you two heat waves”: The odds on odd weather: AlterNet, Metroland (Albany, NY), The Source (Bend, Ore.)

Is gas really “twice as clean as coal”?: AlterNet

Vertical farms don’t stack up: Synthesis/Regeneration, AlterNet

Crop Domestication and the First Plant Breeders:Chapter 1 in Plant Breeding and Farmer Participation (FAO, 2009)

Does climate change cause earthquakes?:  AlterNet

Counting Food Miles Leads to Wrong Turns: AlterNet

Juiced! (or the print version): AlterNet, ColdType

More on our air-conditioned world:

D.C. without A.C.: Washington Post

A/C’s not as cool as you think: Los Angeles Times

Ready to give up A/C?: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Why folks get hot under the collar over A/C: CounterPunch

Militarism, torture, and . . . air-conditioning?: CounterPunch