Air-conditioning accounts for 40 percent of electricity usage in the city of Mumbai, India

In A/C news on March 21, 2010 at 11:12 am

An article on air-conditioning’s astonishing power consumption in the often-sweltering city of Mumbai ran in the Times of India just as I was completing the final editing of Losing Our Cool.  The report begins

“MUMBAI: The air-conditioners that keep you cool at office and home are scorching the meters. The city’s recent power load flow pattern, which gives an indication of which gadgets consume more power, indicates that air-conditioners alone guzzle nearly 1,000 MW of the 2,700 MW of power that the city consumes every day.

The finding has rattled Mumbai’s power administrators. ‘We are stunned. We have always known that ACs are power guzzlers but this gives us an accurate idea of the amount of power they actually consume,’ MERC chairman V P Raja said.”

Chapter 7 of Losing Our Cool is on the weird world of air-conditioning in India.


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